Why Freshwater Cultured Pearls Are Perfect For a Gift

Why Freshwater Cultured Pearls Are Perfect For a Gift

Freshwater cultured pearls are what pearls are usually called and these cultured pearls are farmed using freshwater mussels. These are pearls that are farmed mostly in Japan as well as the United States but on a very limited scale. Currently most of these come from China.

Perfect for a gift

These round cultured Freshwater pearls are used in all types of jewelry and makebeautiful gifts. These are mostly round unlike the rice-shaped pearls also made in freshwater. They look almost like the Akoya pearls when the jewelry is worn, but are able to be purchased for a much lower price making them perfect for almost any type gift.

Produced in China

The Freshwater pearls that are produced in China are produced with asophisticated process where a single robust mussel can be used many times, harvested many times and also can produce several pearls at one time.

Different than Akoya

The Freshwater pearlsare available for about 1/5 the cost of Akoya pearls. They are generally:

  • Smaller
  • Less symmetrical
  • Not matched exactly when strung on a strand

Array of colours

These cultured pearls are also developed in an array of colours. The most popular colours include:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Other pastels

These colours can be achieved by natural means, including:

  • Mollusk’s genetics
  • What they eat
  • Amount and type of trace metals

All these elements are in the environment where they are cultivating.

Produced unusual colours

It is an accepted methology to irradiate Freshwater pearls so as to achieve a special or unusual color, and they are also treated this way to create a strand of Freshwater pearls that looks evenly coloured. When looking for pearl jewelry a color should be picked that complements the wearer’s complexion as well as wardrobe preferences.

You can find further information at pearlsonly.de but you will be getting pearls at an outstanding value and that make the perfect gift.

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