Wedding Jewelry Trends This Year

Wedding Jewelry Trends This Year

Weddings are the ideal occasions to really pull out all the fashion stops, and 2017 looks like being the year of vintage glamour, with the 1920s appeal a popular choice. For those who prefer the fifties, lots of lace and sweetheart necklaces are on show, and the jewelry should be strikingly elegant. Pearl strings really work with this look, and the bridesmaids could have matching wrist bracelets to make the look complete.

Vintage Rings

The theme demands rings with a large setting, and with many small diamonds surrounding the main stone, it perfectly complements this look. If you are not looking forward to endless visits to high street jewelry shops, consider the online options, and whether you are looking for engagement rings in Houston, or Washington, you will quickly source a reputable online jeweler who has an extensive range of quality rings for all occasions. For him, the traditional gold wedding band is the best choice, and with a choice of widths, you should get something in proportion to his build.

Floral Arrangement

The flowery look is in this year, and with hopeful signs of a hot summer, expect to see lots of floral arrangements at weddings. Floral lace is in view and with a dreamy white gown, this year’s bride is all about romanticism. Drop earrings look perfect with a flowery setting, and diamonds are an ideal choice for these.

The Modern Look

There will always be those who prefer something a little more up to date, and with sleek suits and stainless steel jewelry, you can really create a clean, professional ambience. His and her matching titanium wedding bands are very popular, and with online jewelers, finding the right pair of rings is no longer the daunting prospect it used to be. Stud earrings work well with the contemporary look and she could be wearing a matching set of necklace and bracelet, with tungsten being the ideal choice.

Pendant Necklaces

The deep V neck gives a pendant necklace the perfect setting, with rose gold a popular choice, as it sets off most skin ones well. An arrangement of pearls can make the bride glow, and with ankle bracelets, she can add some extra colour to the outfit.

Online Jewelers

Finding the right items for an important occasion like a wedding has never been easier, and with online jewelers who have an extensive range of quality pieces, you are sure to find the perfect combination. Retail stores have high overheads and this is reflected in their prices, and by dealing with an online jeweler, you can be sure of the best prices, and with a money back guarantee, a reputable company would be a safe bet.

Watches are making a comeback, and this essential fashion accessory would be very evident at society weddings. Make sure your timepiece is in keeping with the theme, and don’t forget other small accessories like handkerchiefs, tie pins and cufflinks. For the Bride, her jewelry should reflect the look she is trying to create, and with careful choices, she will look her very best on that most special of days.

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