Trustworthy, Accurate: The Best Service in the Diamond Industry

Trustworthy, Accurate: The Best Service in the Diamond Industry

When you’re interested in talking about diamond rings or any other valuable high-quality jewelry, you will get the most accurate and useful information from individuals who bring plenty of experience to the task. Your best opportunities will come from trained and skilled professionals who have been in the business of buying and trading gold, diamonds, watches, and jewelry for more than two decades.

When you choose this type of specialist, you can expect not only the best prices when you trade or sell but you can expect outstanding customer service as well. These experts are trained gemmologists and appraisers with certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and proud members of the Jewelers Security Alliance, Jewelers of America, New York State Jewelers Association, and the Manufacturing Jewelers Sales Association (MJSA). In addition, they are licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Solid Reputation

With these well-deserved credentials, you’d have good reason to expect an excellent jewelry experience. You won’t be disappointed when you want to sell your valuables or when you’re seeking the highest quality diamond rings from Luriya. You can learn a lot more when you visit the website maintained by these industry specialists. When you’re selling a diamond ring or plan to acquire one from any source, you’ll always benefit from being an educated consumer.

Educating yourself on the jewelry industry will help you understand just what is happening during your transaction. Of course, it’s always important to know which firms you can trust to provide the finest among various diamond cuts. You can also learn the difference between a certificate and an appraisal. You may even want to learn how to determine the true value of a diamond yourself. When you visit the site, you’ll have access to a great deal of valuable information on many aspects of the industry.

In fact, you’ll see testimonials from past and current customers who are more than satisfied with their Luriya experience. Some have even told these professionals that their favourite part of the website is the large amount of information offered through the e-books. Because you’re working with GIA appraisers, you can have peace of mind when trading or selling diamond rings. You’ll receive only the most outstanding personal service and you will receive what your diamond is worth.

Always Open, Honest

When you’re working with these specialists, you know the process will be stress-free. The diamonds in the transaction are weighed in front of you where you can see them, not behind closed doors. You’ll be part of the process with these leading, trusted appraisers and you’ll always know the true value of your jewelry. You can even depend on a free consultation so you understand exactly what your items are worth.

If you would like to work with this dependable firm and live some distance away, they make the process convenient with an exclusive mail-away kit. You receive the kit in the mail, send the diamond rings, and receive a check within 24 hours. Every online transaction is fully insured.

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