Five Custom Shirt Designs that Went Viral in 2016

Five Custom Shirt Designs that Went Viral in 2016

A one-of-a-kind T-shirt is a great way to express yourself, and we make it easy to print custom shirts in San Francisco. Are you looking for inspiration? Here are 5 T-Shirt designs that went super viral in 2016:

5. Bony Baby Bump

Maternity wear can be a drag sometimes. After all, moodiness and pregnancy are natural allies, and when an expectant woman is already having a rough day dealing with morning sickness, swollen boobs, aching feat and the other annoying symptoms of pregnancy, having to wear maternity clothes that make her feel like a whale wrapped in floral print drapes just makes a horribly uncomfortable day even worse.

Sure, there are some stylish maternity clothes out there, but they’re quite pricey. Who wants to pay big bucks for over-sized clothes that you’re only ever going to wear for a few months and then never again?

So why not have some fun with an oversized pregnancy T-Shirt? Even the most cantankerous pregnant woman would get a kick out of this cute custom T-shirt. What’s more, once junior’s old enough, he or she will get a kick out of seeing photos of mom wearing this hilarious shirt!

4. Made You Look

A slogan doesn’t have to be printed in big and bold text to make a statement. This is especially the case in the social media age we’re living in, where it seems that just about everyone is compelled to share just about everything about themselves with just about everyone else.

Let’s face it: we all might have become just a little too nosy, don’t you think?
That’s why this hilarious shirt went viral quickly in 2016. The small, illegible print on the upper right side of the T-shirt is just too much for our natural curiosity. We can’t help ourselves and we just should zoom in, and then when we do we get a nice little surprise. Clever, don’t you think?

  1. Ask Me About My Flip Shirt

If there was one recurring design gag that could be considered the custom ‘T-shirt trend for 2016’ it would have to be the ‘flip up shirt’ gimmick. This is when you pull the front shirt tail over your head to reveal the ‘mask’ that’s printed on the underside.

From monsters to dinosaurs, these funny shirts make for great party tricks also, especially when combined with the “ask me about my…” prompt on the front of the T-shirt. Just make sure you’re ok with whatever abs you’ve got if you’re going to be pulling up the front of your shirt all the time!

  1. Space…Positive and Negative

Nothing is more consistent than good old black and white when it comes to T-Shirt design. First, this classic combo goes with absolutely everything else in your wardrobe. It also provides opportunities to get super creative when it comes to playing with positive and negative space, as this cosmic T-shirt design proves.

  1. Donald Trump’s Hair

You’re going to have to forgive us, but it couldn’t be a list of the five custom shirt designs that went viral in 2016 if we didn’t include at least one shirt that features a political design.

The 2016 election was unlike none other. It broke the mold when it comes to wackiness, and it provided plenty of fodder for graphic designers and T shirt makers. Donald Trump’s hair was one motif that has become commonplace, with every designer trying to put their own personal spin on it.

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