Designer Shirt Style Guide for Selecting the Most Suitable One

Designer Shirt Style Guide for Selecting the Most Suitable One

Mens designer shirts undergo a lot of detailing to give you that fantastic look. Let’s understand the different kinds of style options related to the cuffs, sleeves, collar, and torso cuts. Men’s designer shirt style selection will depend on personal preference and suitability.

Shirt style guide for better selection


  • Classic/straight collar – It works great casually or professionally and blends well with different tie sizes and knots.
  • Buttoned down collar – The collar is buttoned down with the shirt.
  • Spread collar – The collar spreads around 10 cm apart and reveals upper shirt area.
  • Banded collar – It includes a collar band, which stands up straight at 3 cm height.
  • Wing tip collar – Often worn with tuxedo and the wing tip gets tucked behind bow-tie.


  • Single/double buttoned rounded cuffs – Curved corners provide a relaxed and casual feel and are often paired with button down collar.
  • Single/double buttoned angled cuffs – Corners are cut at angles to provide sharp looking fit for formal and professional occasion.

  • French cuffs – Formal cuffs, twice longer than regular ones. These are folded and closed using cuff links.


  • No placket – Shirts front edge is folded to create creased edge and is held by buttonholes. It gives simple, plain, and clean look.
  • Standard placket – A little fabric is attached separately or folded with stitches noticeable on both sides. Shirt front looks aesthetically symmetrical with this added stability.
  • Concealed placket – A flap material in the front conceals the button beneath. It suits best with tuxedo because fly front draws attention from shirt towards the bow.


  • No pocket – Without any pocket the shirt will look clean and simple, which distinguishes you amongst crowd, during a formal occasion.
  • Rounded pocket – Pockets are designed for a purpose, but its main aim is to enhance the style aspect. Single rounded pocket on the left side adds depth, but it decreases the formality.
  • Angled pocket – Angled pockets on left side of the shirt gives depth, but is less formal.


  • No pleat – Shirts without pleats means to get it tailored for suitable fit, but is the clean and formal style.
  • Box pleat – A rectangular extra folded fabric, which runs along the center of the back are perfect for men with sloping shoulders.
  • Side pleat – Side pleats are positioned near shoulder blades. Adds more style and fit men perfectly because they shape well with wearers back.
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